What You Need To Know About Black Chain-Link Fence

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You are entertaining the idea of getting a chain-link fence for your property, but you’re not a fan of the “industrial” look of the silver galvanized steel chain-link fence. A black chain-link fence can be a great alternative as it has a more subtle presence and will enhance your existing landscaping. Learn what you need to know about black chain-link fences and their installation, maintenance, and more to make an informed decision.

For those looking for an aesthetically pleasing, durable, and cost-effective fencing option, a black chain-link fence is an ideal choice. You can choose between a black vinyl-coated or a black powder-coated chain-link fence, according to your preference. 

Black chain-link fence is a chain-link fence made with galvanized mesh aluminum or steel wire. The fence structure is composed of mesh fabric, framework, and fittings. These components will all have a black coating applied before assembly.

Black chain-link fence is constructed the same as all chain-link fencing. Typically, high-quality galvanized or vinyl-coated steel wire forms a diamond-pattern mesh. This mesh fabric is then secured to posts and frames using fasteners such as barbed wire arms, clamps, ties, and bands. Fittings like end rail clamps, line rail clamps, gate corners, gate hinges, and dome post caps are needed for the chain-link fence to have a finished look. 

Once constructed, all fence components go through a process called “hot-dip galvanizing.” This process ensures the metal parts of the fence will be protected from corrosion. It involves dipping the components in molten zinc, which creates a protective coating of zinc-iron alloy on the fencing. 

This coating gives the fence a grayish or silver color and prevents it from rusting or deteriorating without needing further painting or treatment.

 Hot-dip galvanizing is often used in fencing and other outdoor applications to extend the product’s lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.

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You may have seen the standard galvanized, silver, or gray chain-link fencing all over the place — from yards to playgrounds to dog parks. However, there is also a black option available that provides a more classic look.

Fence companies know that galvanized chain-link fence (also called “cyclone fencing” because it can withstand high winds) works well for industrial and commercial sites because it is very affordable. But to make it more attractive to homeowners, manufacturers started producing chain-link fencing in various colors and finishes.

Black is a popular chain-link color that is made by either powder-coating or vinyl-coating a fence.

Black Powder-Coating

Black powder-coating is a process that involves the combination of powdered material and an electrostatic method. An epoxy base coat is applied to the metal surface, followed by a top powder coat. This method is typically used on fences, frameworks, posts, and fittings, offering a strong and durable finish with uniform coverage and a smooth appearance.

Additionally, powder-coating offers corrosion protection for your fence, and it will not crack or peel over time.

Black Vinyl-Coating

Black vinyl-coating, also known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), is a plastic protective material that is dipped or painted on chain-link fence fabric. It is usually added after galvanization (where zinc coating has been applied) to create a thicker, “rubbery” feel, which helps protect the metal against moisture.

The coating will crack or peel over time, so you must apply paint for touch-ups.

3e Types of Black Vinyl-Coating

In the black vinyl-coating process, there are three ways to coat the chain-link fence fabric:

Extruded Polymer Coating

In this process, the extruded polymer coating is pulled over the chain-link fence wire. (Imagine it like your sock being pulled over your foot.) 

  • Thickest of the three coatings
  • Least expensive of the three coatings 
  • Popular coating for residential fences

Extruded and Bonded 

The extruded and bonded coating also involves pulling the coating over the wire, but the coating is also bonded to the wire with strong glue. 

  • Thinner than the extruded coating
  • Less likely to crack and peel than extruded
  • Generally used as commercial fencing

Fused and Bonded

The fused and bonded coating process bakes the PVC onto the wire.

  • Thinnest coating of all three coatings
  • Strongest of the three coatings
  • Best at resisting cracking, peeling, and tearing
  • Most expensive of the three coatings
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Aesthetically Pleasing

Most homeowners strive to have the best-looking property in the neighborhood. Whether it comes to keeping the grass mowed or the landscape looking sharp, fencing is also at the top of the list. Homeowners want curb appeal and their property values to increase. 

Real estate agents say black chain-link fences help increase property values. Black chain-link fencing tends to be seen more favorably in neighborhoods with homeowners associations (HOAs), as its appearance resembles the black appearance of wrought iron fencing (which is used more commonly in upscale residential areas).


Looking to purchase a fence but want to stay within your budget? Black chain-link fencing is the way to go! It’s more affordable than other types of fencing, such as wrought iron, cedar slat, wood picket, and privacy fencing. Plus, since it’s so popular among homeowners, suppliers are much more likely to have plenty in stock, which could give you access to financing options.


Customizing a black chain-link fence is easy. From coatings and heights to gate widths and placements, you can make the perfect fence that fits you and your property. You can even insert privacy slats in between the mesh openings if you need to create a privacy fence. With so many options, it’s easy to create your dream fence!

The fence might need to meet various requirements depending on where you live; for example, if you have a pool in your yard, some cities require that it be surrounded by a 6-foot-tall fence. 

You may want at least a 4-foot-wide gate so your landscaper can easily maneuver their riding mower through the opening without any difficulties. 

And you can choose from various wire fence gauge sizes, which offer different levels of durability, strength, safety, and protection.


Black chain-link fences are a great choice for homeowners who want to cut down on maintenance. These fences have been galvanized, so they will be rust-resistant. Black chain-link fences are not prone to mold, mildew and algae, but when they get dirty they can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer or mild soap and water. 

Easy to Install

Black chain-link fence is easy to install compared to other fencing materials. The mesh fabric arrives in rolls, making it more flexible and adaptable. Fencing contractors have an easier time installing this type of fence because It is designed to hug the ground’s contours and will adapt to the rise and fall of your terrain, no matter how uneven it may be.


If properly maintained, a black chain-link fence can last up to 20 years due to its strong and resilient mesh. Black chain-link’s protective coating makes it extra durable, even in extreme weather conditions, making it a great choice if you are looking for a long-lasting, low-maintenance fence.

The metal on the black chain-link fence is resistant to water, rust, and other corrosive elements. But if your fence does become damaged with scratches or scuff, touch-up paint can help fill in those areas and restore the protective coating to the metal.


A black chain link fence is one of the most secure fencing options for homeowners. It provides clear visibility to deter intruders and helps define property lines to keep uninvited guests like dog-walking neighbors out. 

A black chain-link fence also has added safety benefits: It can be used to enclose a pool area and help keep kids and pets safe from potential drowning hazards. It also allows visibility so parents can watch swimmers in or near the pool. 

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Black chain-link fence cost ranges from $1,630 to $5,770, with an average price of $2,850. Homeowners should expect to pay $5 to $22 per linear foot for the chain-link material and related hardware. Labor costs for professional installation are $6 to $17 per foot.

Factors That Contribute To Black Chain-Link Fence Cost

  • Type of fence coating
  • Size (linear footage) of the area to be fenced
  • Fence height
  • Topography of the property
  • Gauge (thickness of fence material)
  • Fence post material
  • Permits
  • Privacy slats

Black vinyl-coated chain-link fencing is a little more expensive than (silver) galvanized chain-link fencing. Black vinyl-coated chain-link fencing will cost homeowners about $13 to $20 per linear foot

The chart below shows professional installation costs for different types of fences per linear foot.

Fence MaterialPrice Per Linear Foot
Wire$1 – $4
Wood$14 – $31
Vinyl$17 – $38
Composite$26 – $57
Aluminum$27 – $55
Wrought Iron$28 – $56
How Do I Make My Black Chain-Link Fence Look New?

Cleaning a black chain-link fence is easy and requires soapy water, a hose with a high-powered setting or a pressure washer, and a cotton towel/scrub brush. Start by hosing down your fencing on the high-pressure setting to remove mild dirt and debris. For bird feces, oil, or other stuck-on stains, make a solution of water and dish soap to scrub away the grime. Once your fence is cleaned, rinse off your cleaning solution for a sparklingly clean chain link.

How Do I Clean Weeds From a Black Chain-Link Fence?

Keeping weeds and vines away from your chain-link fence can be tricky, but not impossible. Two of the best options for keeping grass and other plants at bay are using a weed eater or treating the vegetation with a post-emergent herbicide. 
When using a weed eater, wear protective gear such as safety glasses, ear protection, and clothing that protects your body from any possible flying debris.
Herbicide treatments can be an effective way to keep your fence line free of unwanted brush and weeds. If you have weeds growing near or on your fence, a post-emergent herbicide should do the trick by killing all parts of the weed, including its roots. To prevent weeds from sprouting, apply a pre-emergent herbicide.

Will Black Chain-Link Fence Fade?

No. Even in sunny, hot climates, black chain-link fencing can stand up to the sun’s UV rays. Generally, it carries a 10- to 15-year manufacturer’s warranty against fading.

Hire a Pro for Your Fence Project

Installing a black chain-link fence is not always an easy task and requires planning. For optimal results, you may want to consider hiring a professional. A professional fence installer can take the guesswork out of fence installation. Fence Gnome connects you to the best fencing pros near you, so you can rest assured your job will be done right and on time.

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