How Much Does a Masonry Fence Cost 2024?

Depending on the size, style, finishing, and condition of your landscape, a masonry fence can cost between $4,915 and $9,110.

If you want to surround your property with privacy and security but don’t want to sacrifice on aesthetics, masonry fences make an excellent investment. These enclosures are built from individual units of brick, stucco, concrete blocks, or natural stone and need vastly different building techniques and tools than traditional fencing, which ups the cost. 

Homeowners pay between $4,915 and $9,110 to install masonry fence on average, including professional labor and materials cost, making the overall average cost around $ 7,010. This translates to a $20 to $40 per square foot average price. The final cost varies depending on the length, height, type, and thickness of the masonry wall you build. 

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How Much Does a Masonry Fence Cost?

National Average$7,010
Typical Price Range $4915 – $9110
Extreme Low End$875
Extreme High End$17,750

The national average cost to build a masonry fence is $7,010 but range anywhere between $4,915 and $9,110 for the complete project. The variation in price is because of each masonry project’s complexity which influences the time and effort needed for the installation. 

At the top of this price scale, a long, double-stone, or brick masonry wall can cost you as much as $17,750, while a small, single-brick wall may average around $875

Choosing ornamental stone, elaborate designs on the wall, and high-end finishing for your masonry wall will also elevate the total cost. If you’re on a budget or simply don’t want to spend too much on a stone fence, you can: 

  • Built smaller wall
  • Use less wall material (natural stone, brick, and concrete) and more fencing material
  • Skip additional finishes
  • Use plain stones or bricks

Cost Estimator By Size

The biggest factor affecting the cost of building a masonry fence is the size of the area that you are enclosing. The wider and larger this area is, the more material you will need to build a fence around it. 

On average, you can expect to spend $20 to $40 per square foot of masonry fencing, for an average of $30 per square foot, which can change depending on the masonry material you choose for the fence. 

National Average$30 per square foot
Typical Price Range $20 – $40 per square foot

Other Factors That Affect the Cost of Masonry Fences

Although the size of your fence is a major determinant in the overall cost, there are several other factors too that can significantly raise or lower the price. Here are some important ones that you should consider when estimating the cost to install a new masonry fence.

Material Used

Masonry walls are made with blocks or bricks of different materials such as natural stone or cement and may include a double metal gate to allow passage and vehicle access to the property. Masonry column fences have panels of metal bars with just columns or posts made of concrete or stone.  

Natural Stone

Limestone and sandstone are the two most common types of natural stones used in construction. They’re excellent for retaining and edging walls or fences and add charm and character to your home outdoors. 

Natural stone fences have the potential to become a focal point in your landscaping. These walls can cost somewhere between $25 and $80 per square foot and can last up to 100 years. 


Brick is a staple building material for ages. It’s a long-lasting material and is considered one of the most hassle-free combos out there for security and privacy fencing

On average, a new brick wall or fence wall costs about $2,410 to 8,050. The cost depends on factors like the size, location, complexity of design, and additional elements such as stone caps, wrought iron, and gates. 


Concrete blocks are the most durable building materials out there. Block walls can cost an average of $15 per square foot, but the price may go up or down slightly depending on the size and design of the fence. 

There are several different types of blocks used for fencing including a basic concrete mortar block, non-mortar concrete block, pre-cast concrete block, textured blocks, and more. 

Fencing Combinations

Sometimes, your mason will combine brick with other fencing materials. If it’s a wood fence, you can expect to spend between $14 to $31 per linear foot depending on the type of wood, fence style, and area you’re enclosing. Similarly, vinyl fencing costs somewhere between $17 and $38 per linear foot. Extra and related services needed at the time of construction can also increase the cost. 

Fence Height

This is simple. If you build a tall wall, you will need more material and labor effort. Which will increase material and labor costs too, no matter what type of design or material you choose. 


The area or location where you want to build your masonry fence plays an important role in your project’s final cost. If the land is difficult to navigate, uneven, or hard to work, it will cost more in labor fees. 

Labor Costs

The total price of brickwork depends on the location, thickness, design of the fence, the mason’s skill level, and supplies needed. Labor costs include site preparation, site setup, trash removal, and work area cleanups. And, the recommended professional for building a masonry fence is a mason who typically charges $60 to $90 per hour or around $45 per square foot

Some contractors charge per square foot or per number of bricks, but the most common rate of payment is per hour. 


In some localities, height limits might apply to your masonry fence. You will need to get a building permit in this case. These permits are needed for height limitation on both the front and backyard walls.

Ask your contractor or check your local regulation to see if your municipality or HOA requires you to have a permit for building a masonry fence and any height limitations. Permits typically cost between $20 and $400


Adding finishing to your masonry fence makes it look prettier and simplifies maintenance in many cases, but it will also drive up the installation costs. You can adorn your brick fence with the following finishes for an additional cost: 

  • Paint: $1 to $4 per square foot
  • Stucco: $3 to $8 per square foot
  • Thin brick siding: $6 to $16 per square foot
  • Stone veneer siding: $10 to $45 per square foot
  • Wood panel siding: $2 to $8 per square foot


Proper drainage in a masonry fence is important to minimize moisture damage and make a low-maintenance, durable wall. Installing a drainage solution typically cost between $2,000 and $5,000

In addition to basics like material, location, and size of your masonry fence, there are a few more services that go hand in hand. 

Property Survey

If you’re building a fence on a land boundary, you might need to pay for a land survey. This costs about $300 to $600. Land surveying is crucial especially if you are not sure about your property lines. This will prevent you from accidentally constructing a fence on someone else’s property. 


Painting or staining the wood will add another $500 to $3,000, or an additional $3 to $5 per linear foot if you have to remove existing fencing. Touching up a brick wall will add about $2 to $5 per square foot. Many homeowners are DIY-savvy enough to tackle this project themselves, which means you’ll only have to pay for the cost of primer and paint. 

Fence Removal 

If your new masonry fence is to replace the old one, the contractor will tear down the existing fence and haul it away from you. The cost it will add to your total bill will depend on how many feet of fence they had to remove. On average, you can expect to pay $3 to $5 per linear foot of fence to be removed. 

Tree or Bush Removal

The land’s condition, the size of the wall in such a location, and tree density also matter. Sometimes surrounding trees and bushes interrupt the perimeter of your fence location. You will have to remove them. 

You may manage to do the job yourself for smaller bushes, but for larger plants, you must hire a professional. Bush or tree removal increases labor costs and will add about $385 to $1,070 to the project. 

DIY Cost Vs. Professional Installation Cost

Homeowners with some experience in home improvement projects may find building a masonry fence easy. Which it can be if the land is flat and you have all the supplies at your disposal. 

But for inexperienced homeowners, it is better to hire a professional to handle such a project. It’s a long commitment and you wouldn’t want to end up with a clumsy security fence. 

There are several different varieties of masonry fences, some use stone, some concrete blocks, and more. So, the cost can change according to the material you’re using. Some common costs you can factor into your DIY masonry fence budget:

Supplies Average Cost
Hammer $7
Tape Measure$5
Mixing tub (two-pack)$50
Heavy-duty Wheelbarrow$150
Mortar Mix (60 lb bag)$6
Dry bristle brush$5
Small torpedo level $4
Brick jointer$7
Mason’s line $15 
Work gloves$10

Although building a brick wall or fence is cost-effective, it’s unlikely that you will achieve a professional result. If you’re even slightly unsure of your skills, hire a mason or professional fencing company to perfect the brickwork and design that you’re visualizing. 

You will just save $60 to $90 per hour in labor costs going the DIY route. In our opinion, this lengthy project is better left to the professionals to avoid potentially dangerous consequences. Professional installation of a masonry fence costs $4,915 to $9,110 or $20 to $40 per square foot. 

Cost By Location

The price of materials used to build a masonry fence varies depending on where you reside. Certain materials are more easily available in some parts of the country than others. Plus, the labor charges of building contractors also differ from area to area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a brick fence last?

Masonry fences are quite durable. A brick wall will last about 100 years or more with proper care and maintenance. 

How long does it take to build a masonry wall?

It can take from one or two days to several weeks depending on the wall’s size, complexity of design, area, and type. 

Does a masonry fence add value to your home?

Yes, an attractive fence is always a plus. Masonry structures around the perimeter can increase your property value by as much as 10%. 

Final Thoughts

Masonry fences are low maintenance, look great, and last significantly longer than other fencing materials. Given that, spending an average of $7,010 to get it professionally built is surely a worthwhile investment. Depending on your project’s specificities, this cost can drop as low as $875 or go as high as $17,750 for a tough terrain or complex design.

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